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Marc Hardwick started an organization called The Guardian in 2009 after working as a policeman in the child protection unit for 13 years, with a vision to protect children. He strongly believes every person has an obligation to assist children to enjoy their right to safety. This obligation includes ensuring that, through education, pupils are protected from sexual assault, physical assault, substance abuse, neglect and harm and that their childhood can be filled with joyful memories and not nightmares. With a counselling qualification from the University of South Africa (Unisa) and an unwavering passion for fighting crimes against children, Marc considers dealing with crimes against the most vulnerable members of society, a personal crusade.

The Vision of the Guardian is to reduce crimes against children across South Africa. The crime rate in South Africa is very high and crimes against children is no exception. The investigation of these crimes is not something that generates money and therefore this type of investigation really hasn’t been successfully addressed in the private sector. There are institutions that address crimes against children proactively, from a therapeutic perspective, but none that we are  aware of that addresses this dilemma from both a reactive and proactive perspective.

At The Guardian we stay on the forefront of child protection, from both a reactive and proactive perspective. Our workshops and products are based on what we learn in our investigations.  As children are placed at risk because of new trends and clever grooming techniques in both the real and cyber world, we pride ourselves in staying as close to these changes as possible and disseminating the information learned as quickly as possible to children, parents and educators. Every staff member is passionate about making a difference to the numbers crimes against children in South Africa for two reasons. One, it’s our job and two we are parents like you, and we to want our children to grow up in a safer country.

We pride ourselves of running our company with strong christian values.

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