About Us

The Beginning

The Guardian was started in 2009 by Marc Hardwick as a critical link to assist children to enjoy their right to safety. As a policeman with 13 years of experience in the child protection unit and with a vision to protect children, he strongly believes every person has an obligation. This obligation includes ensuring that children are protected from sexual assault, physical assault, substance abuse, neglect and harm, and that their childhood can be filled with joyful memories and not nightmares. The full Guardian team considers dealing with crimes against the most vulnerable members of society a personal crusade.

A Patented App

Over the past decade, the Guardian has grown to be at the forefront of reducing crimes against children. With The Guardian Investigation division continuing, the reach was extended via the launch of the patented Guardian mobile phone app for Schools. This was introduced as a way for children to anonymously report acts of bullying, drugs and sexual abuse at schools. The app has had a significant impact on the number of negative incidents affecting the safety of our children, as they (or others) can report incidents without the fallout of being known. These anonymous reports are first validated and then moved forward to be resolved.

Business and Sport

Arising from the learnings with children and Schools, the Guardian app was developed for the Business and Sport sectors. With the Guardian Business app, fraud, sexual harassment or safety violations, that effect both the employees or the business’s assets, can be controlled and prevented. The Guardian Sport app centres primarily around protecting the integrity of both the sport and its many participants who may be both vulnerable and exposed. Not only can inappropriate incidents be anonymously reported, but also the occurrence of them is reduced as the app serves as a deterrent to those negative actions.


A protected future is now more of a reality for children, business and sports people. In a changing, and oftentimes threatening world, those that matter most to us can’t always have us by their side. When we can’t be there for those we care about, they all need a protector and defender on their side – their very own, continually vigilant, Guardian.

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