This type of work is more about ensuring the best interests of the adult survivor and the child victim. We realise that justice is important but the wellbeing of the child/adult survivor will always be our primary concern.. In as much as most parents would like to believe that if something happened to their children, the child would disclose to them, this is unfortunately not true. Actually, statistically, the demographic to whom a child is most likely to disclose to is another child or a peer. This disclosure is generally conditional and the victim will ask the friend or peer to please keep the secret. This places the friend in a very difficult situation as he/she does not want to violate the trust of the friendship but also does not want their friend to continue being hurt. A survey done on +-1500 children, shows that children will be be 78% more likely to disclose if they could do it anonymously. This would place the child who is being victimised in a safer situation sooner, and would allow the investigation to launch sooner which would significantly increase the likelihood of a successful prosecution.

Through our investigations, we also see what is happening on the ground and what the new challenges are that children are facing. Teenage experiments at parties that are causing children to get hurt, additionally new grooming techniques by perpetrators, or new drugs that children are experimenting with are placing children in dangerous situations. Through our investigative arm we regularly identify these challenges and threats.  Generally we are able to identify these challenges even before many children are aware of them.  This places us in a unique situation in that we can ensure that all our workshops which are presented to learners at schools, are relevant with regard to challenges they are facing right now. Often when doing the workshops, educators are shocked by what they hear, and the learners who generally know its happening, are shocked by the consequences that we are seeing in our cases.

Adult Survivors

Much of our investigation work is to assist adult survivors of child abuse.  All too often, adults today are challenged by dark secrets from their childhood, and The Guardian is available to discuss options and even assist in investigations of crimes that happened many years ago.

As The Guardian we can assist with all forms of investigation from very technical cyber solutions such as cloning phones and hard drives to various forms of surveillance from pinging a cell phone to personnel surveillance, and obtaining witness statements from child victims and witnesses. This is what we specialise in, and  it is important that all our clients realise that the best interest of the child will always supercede the needs of the client.

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    Letter of recommendation for clearance on the Sexual Offences Register

    It is my pleasure to recommend the services of The Guardian to you. St Stithians College recently did the sexual offenders fingerprint clearance of over 600 people in five days. The Guardian offers top-notch service with attention to detail. Read letter

    Kim Urquhart HR Director, St Stithians College

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