Anonymous Reporting App for Schools

Features and benefits

  1. Schools able to find out about issues sooner thereby being able to deal with the issues before they become too big.
  2. Breaks the “Don’t tell” culture within the school
  3. Learners can download the App for Free
  4. The Identity of the reporter is removed from the report and the school receives the information and can manage it internally.
  5. Provides for better and more open communication with the anonymous reporter
  6. Convenient and easy to use.
  7. Ability to identify trends and warning signs.
  8. Prevention

How to get it

Schools should contact us to register.
To download the app, click on the appropriate link below.

If you need help

Email: Call: 087 550 8681
Safe Schools Seminar May 2019

Safe Schools Seminar May 2019

The inaugural seminar, 10 May 2019, will aim to prioritise some of these areas of concern, and as a starting point, will begin the conversation with “Breaking the Code of Silence”.

Why has our App been such a Success?

Why has our App been such a Success?

Humans, crave so badly for certain people to accept us that when those people hurt us, we will generally only tell those who we think won’t judge us. And for children it is normally other children. This app gives learners the platform to report so help can come before its too late.