Anonymous Reporting for Schools

Many people are conflict averse but want to do the right thing. This app brings that solution to schools.


Anonymous Reporting App, Drug Searches, Sexual Offenders and Child Protection Register Clearances, Workshops.


When it comes to the safeguarding of children, no one is going to fight harder than Mom or Dad.

How we support schools

At The Guardian we stay on the forefront of child protection, from both a reactive and proactive perspective. Our workshops and products are based on what we learn in our investigations. As children are placed at risk because of new trends and clever grooming techniques in both the real and cyber world, we pride ourselves in staying as close to these changes as possible and disseminating the information learned as quickly as possible to children, parents and educators. Every staff member is passionate about making a difference to the number of crimes against children in South Africa for two reasons. One, it’s our job and two we are parents like you, and we to want our children to grow up in a safer country.

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Anonymous Reporting App

  • Learners can report anonymously on anything that is challenging them.
  • The reports can be managed within the school by appointed Ambassadors and Investigators.
  • The school can appoint as many ambassadors and investigators as they deem fit.
  • The school use push notification to inform learners globally of any messages that they may need to disseminate, like “No Blazers Today”, “Sport cancelled because of rain”, “Hamburger special at the tuck shop”.

Anonymous Reporting App for Schools

Schools able to find out about issues sooner thereby being able to deal with the issues before they become too big.


Our specialist investigations include Sexual Assault, Paedophiles,sexting, grooming, Bullying and more.


Our dynamic workshops address threats we regularly identify in our investigations.

School Support

Proactively fighting crimes against children is extremely important and ultimately can make the difference.

Sexual Offenders Register Clearances

The clearance against this register is mandatory and failure to clear staff against this register can result in criminal prosecution and a sentence of a fine and up to seven years imprisonment, or both.

Adult Survivors

Much of our investigation work is to assist adult survivors of child abuse.  All too often, adults today are challenged by dark secrets from their childhood, and The Guardian is available to discuss options and even assist in investigations of crimes that happened many years ago.


Read Testimonials and Reviews from clients of The Guardian and hear their stories on how the Anonymous Reporting App has helped them.

How we support parents

We pride ourselves on a dynamic and constantly adapted service for parents to warn of changing threats to children and provide parents with the tools to ensure their child’s right to protection is being fulfilled.

How we support your child at school

It is important that parents look at what schools are doing to safeguard their children. 

Investigation for Parents

This type of work is more about ensuring the best interests of the adult survivor and the child victim.

Staff Clearances

If you have contact with children in your work environment, you need to be cleared.

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