School Support

The Guardian’s workshop division is, in our opinion, extremely important as it deals with proactive approaches to child abuse. The fight against crimes against children is extremely important and has to be fought proactively to make a difference. The relationship that we develop with various principals is one of the few tools that can genuinely make a difference to the numbers of children being abused within South Africa. The workshops that The Guardian develops are based on research and experience combined. We train children, parents, teachers, social workers and anyone working with children. Our trainings are dynamic and are consistently adapted to warn of changing threats to children.


Our experience tells us that when we teach learners their rights and what is appropriate versus inappropriate the number of disclosures at most schools increases. It is for this very reason that built into this program is this consulting/investigation element. Should any learner at your school make a disclosure on any issue relating to child protection, you will have peace of mind that a specialist is as close as a phone call.

Policy and procedure manuals

Most schools do not have a dedicated Child Protection Policy Manual. This manual is set up generically to meet all the child protection legislative requirements of South Africa. Specialists from The Guardian will then consult with the school management to tailor this document and to ensure that it meets the ethos and values of your school.This manual will also outline the procedure that teachers should follow in various circumstances such as in the event of a child making a disclosure.

Drug interventions

It is imperative for schools to adopt a zero tolerance approach to drugs.Not only is it beneficial for schools to be seen to be proactive in this arena but it is also common knowledge that drug dealers focus on schools due to their captive market. The Guardian will implement a four phase prevention program comprising of search and seizures; testings; trainings; and policy guidelines to assist the school through this challenge.

Safe Schools Seminar May 2019

Safe Schools Seminar May 2019

The inaugural seminar, 10 May 2019, will aim to prioritise some of these areas of concern, and as a starting point, will begin the conversation with “Breaking the Code of Silence”.

Why has our App been such a Success?

Why has our App been such a Success?

Humans, crave so badly for certain people to accept us that when those people hurt us, we will generally only tell those who we think won’t judge us. And for children it is normally other children. This app gives learners the platform to report so help can come before its too late.