The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App

This letter serves to confirm that Michaelhouse are using The Guardian’s Anonymous Reporting App.

We started with a trial of small group of students in December 2018 just before Christmas holidays, and the response was amazing. Within a few days, we started receiving reports from boys and The Guardian Management System allowed us to engage with these learners on their challenges. The app allowed us to resolve them quite quickly without ever knowing their identity.

We were also very impressed with the guidance and assistance we received from the staff at The Guardian, especially Roxy, who contacted us regularly and was a great comfort during this roll-out process. We have subsequently rolled this app out to the entire student body and it has been very well received. It has been encouraging to see how the boys have chosen to send through challenges that they and friends may be experiencing, and we have definitely got a better insight in what is happening with the boys on campus.

I would like to sincerely thank Roxy and her team for this amazing solution and highly recommend it to any school that is considering this as an option, as getting to know what the learners are thinking is very beneficial to running a happy and content school.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to call me through the school line.