On behalf of the parents and children from my school I would like to thank Marc Hardwick Director of The Guardian for doing such a fantastic job and arresting a man we had been wanting arrested for the past 18 months.

Four months ago we hired Marc to investigate a case that had been pushed aside and basically lost in the justice system. Marc did an awesome job with connecting with each one of the parents involved and taking statements from each of the children. He has an amazing and calming nature and developed a wonderful rapport with each child.

If it had not been for Marc’s perseverance and commitment to our case this man would still be a free man. His knowledge and understanding of the law also helped the parents to understand what can be expected. Marc is passionate about his work and is worth every penny that we have spent. Thank you Marc from all of us – I know that one day these children are going to be able to move forward and will be able to thank you themselves for doing what you have done.

One thousand Thank You’s still wouldn’t be enough.