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Letter of recommendation for clearance on the Sexual Offences Register

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of The Guardian to you.

St Stithians College recently did the sexual offenders fingerprint clearance of over 600 people in five days. The Guardian offers top-notch service with attention to detail.

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Kim Urquhart HR Director, St Stithians College Staff clearances 26/06/2017

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Testimonial of Senior Public Prosecutor

Directorate of Public Prosecutions
Office of the Senior Public Prosecutor

To whom it may concern,

1. My name is Val Melis and I am a Senior Public Prosecutor in Durban and ran the Durban Child Abuse Specialist Prosecution Section for more than 10 years.

2. I met Marc Hardwick in 1997 when he started in the Child Protection Unit of the South African Police Services. He worked as a specialist detective investigating crimes against children. His talent in this field was quickly identified and within 2 years he was handling some of the most high profile cases within the Durban area. These cases included paedophile cases and crimes which involved high profile people. Within the next year or so he was seconded to a Provincial Task Team to manage project investigations of crimes against children that included cases such as syndicate paedophiles and trafficking of children.

3. In my experience Marc is extraordinarily passionate and dedicated to working in the field of Child Abuse and I was very disappointed when he left the police in 2002 due to financial constraints.

4. Approximately a year ago Marc approached me to discuss his desire to start a new business venture. Knowing that he had been out of the police for a few years we met to catch up and I was very interested to hear what it was that he was considering. On hearing the concept I was very impressed with the model that he spoke about and was even more impressed that he had created a model that wouldn’t necessarily be dependent on permanent funding. Another thing that struck me in that meeting was the fact that even after the 5 or 6 years that he had been out of the field of child abuse he was still so driven to make a difference in the lives of children and their caregivers.

5. I have over the last 6 months or so spoken to Marc regularly about the progress of the business and I believe that this business is not only sustainable but, some of the proactive policies and products that this organization is implementing could grow it to where it could potentially make a major difference to child abuse statistics in South Africa and ultimately to the safety of children.

6. As a person Marc has always come across as a very sensible individual who is driven and dedicated to his work in this field. It is a difficult field in which to work and many good investigators burn out. Marc on the other hand seems to have a need to genuinely make a difference and his passion in this field seems to be getting stronger. I have also found over the years that Marc has an extraordinary talent in interviewing or simply talking with children of all ages. This is of immeasurable benefit in the work he does, as it plays a major role in minimising the secondary victimization of children.

7. I am pleased to have been able to provide this recommendation on his behalf and hope that you will hope you may be able to assist him in any way.

8. Please contact me on the number below if you require any additional information.


Point Community Court
Prince Street
South Africa

+27-31- 3320873

Val Melis Senior Public Prosecutor, Durban 26/06/2017

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Testimonial of Child Rape Survivor

For me, three months ago I would never have considered prosecuting the man, my step-dad, who sexually assaulted me 11years ago. I was too afraid that no one would believe me and that because he didn’t rape me, I would have no chance of getting justice.

My grandparents had heard about The Guardian from Marc Hardwick’s in-laws at church and passed on the information to my mom. When we came to Durban to visit in December 2012, we decided to see Marc at the same time.

I had so many questions I wanted to ask before I could decide what to do. Marc explained everything that he did and how he came to doing it. He further explained what the process would be if I went the prosecution route. He answered all my questions that I needed answers for before I could decide what direction I wanted to take. After some thought and plenty prayer I decided that taking action and going from victim to survivor would be best for me in the end.

I felt very comfortable talking to Marc while he took my statement as I really felt I could trust him. I left his office with a bright smile because I felt lighter already. Marc had helped me feel empowered and strong enough to do something about it, not hiding the truth anymore. What was more for me was someone, outside of my close family who believed me and felt my case was strong enough to get justice. But more important than winning a case, Marc made sure that emotionally and psychologically I was ready to go through this process. Within a few weeks he had gotten all the things prepared, flew down to PE to get the rest of the statements and helped me file the docket at the police station. Marc was with me every step of the way.

Even after his part of investigating the case was over, when things arose like whether the police would arrest Keith because it happened so long ago. Extremely confused, I knew I could phone Marc and he helped me understand what was happening and why.
I am still busy with the process of prosecution, but I know that the role Marc played was essential and he did really awesome work and I trust that the right results will come out.
But more than ever, no matter what happens in the end, I know that I will no longer be a victim but a survivor. And this is all thanks to Marc for helping me the see that need to be free and safe.

Thanks again so much Marc, you’re really awesome! And forever I will be grateful for all that you did for me. You really are a Guardian Angel for many children out there, including me.

To contact me please contact the Guardian and I will be happy to talk to you.

Name withheld 26/06/2017

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Testimonial of boyfriend of Child Rape Survivor

Hi Marc,

Below is the mail I phoned and told you about that she sent to me. Again thank you so much for everything you have done for her. If you want to use her mail below as testimony for other clients please feel free but remove all reference to us.

Thanks again


Sent: 09 April 2013 09:17 AM
Subject: I Love You


Last night, after another argument, I started thinking about what you said.
You asked if I still love you, and I do with all my heart.
You asked if I wanted us to go on and I do so badly. The thought of loosing you makes me feel like I want to throw up.
So I started thinking why you would be asking these questions and pray that you not wanting to throw in the towel.

If I think back to when we started fighting it was about a month after I finished my case. I feel like it changed me, but I don’t want to go back. I know it seems like I am making this up but since we finished with Uncle XXX I almost feel like something has been lifted off of me. Something Marc said to me that day in court before I testified. Originally I thought he was trying to make me feel better because as you can remember I was as scared as hell, but he said that after testifying and having the opportunity to tell XXXXXXX what he had put me through all those years ago, that I may change. He said that I would feel stronger. I didn’t, not straight away. If you can remember I was teary and always down, but now I do feel stronger. I can’t explain it, I feel that I can’t let anyone put me down again, but above all, I feel like I can do anything. Going to court was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but it has made me stronger than I ever believed I could be. They say you always hurt the ones you love and I think I am flexing these new found muscles of mine. I realise however that I am probably flexing them with you more than anyone else and when I think that I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to do it without you, I realise how tough this must be on you. All I can say is I am sorry, sorry, sorry, and I love you more than anything. I hope you can understand this. There is a song that plays quite regularly on the radio lately by Alicia Keys called “A brand new kind of me”. It’s not all about us, because I don’t think she is talking about what I went through, but it is a lot of how I feel. Please listen to the words.

Watch the video here.

Marc gave this to me my love and I am so grateful he did.

We finished this together and for that I will always love you and If we did that we can do anything together.

Please let me know if you understand.

Love you with all my heart.

Forever yours,



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Testimonial of Teacher Who Used Investigation

On behalf of the parents and children from my school I would like to thank Marc Hardwick Director of The Guardian for doing such a fantastic job and arresting a man we had been wanting arrested for the past 18 months.

Four months ago we hired Marc to investigate a case that had been pushed aside and basically lost in the justice system. Marc did an awesome job with connecting with each one of the parents involved and taking statements from each of the children. He has an amazing and calming nature and developed a wonderful rapport with each child.

If it had not been for Marc’s perseverance and commitment to our case this man would still be a free man. His knowledge and understanding of the law also helped the parents to understand what can be expected. Marc is passionate about his work and is worth every penny that we have spent. Thank you Marc from all of us – I know that one day these children are going to be able to move forward and will be able to thank you themselves for doing what you have done.

One thousand Thank You’s still wouldn’t be enough.

Angie Chislett 26/06/2017

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Mother of adult survivor

Over 2 years ago, I was referred to Marc from The Guardian, to assist me and another family deal with the arrest and charge of a man who had sexually abused our daughters many years ago.

It is impossible to even begin to explain the trauma and heartache and devastation the family has to endure, to come to terms with the reality of the situation. To have to then report this very emotionally traumatic situation to untrained police officers is probably the reason so many cases are not reported. We were very fortunate that in engaging the services of Marc of The Guardian, our daughters, and we as a family, were spared the embarrassment and humiliation of having to pour our hearts out to strangers, in a cold public police office. Marc came to our homes to take our statements and it was all so professionally done. My daughter, who resides in Cape Town, was able to give her statement via Skype at her convenience. Marc has always been on the other end of the phone when we need him, and has accompanied us to each of the court hearings. My own daughter has come to rely on him heavily, and trusts him completely to have her best interests at heart. He has been very sensitive in dealing with her and the other young girl’s statements and has made us as a family honestly believe he will do anything in his power to see that justice is done.

Our court case has been set for July this year, and I have absolute trust that with Marc at our side, we will get through these proceedings.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to help you deal with any matters concerning child abuse, sexual abuse or dealing with paedophiles.

Shaylene Miller 26/06/2017

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Testimonial of a Training Attendee

I am a volunteer for Icare, a non-profit organisation devoted to finding meaningful and sustainable solutions to the challenge of street children in South Africa. I am also a caregiver for the Greyville Children’s Ministry.

I have participated in a number of adult specific courses on Child Abuse and Stranger Danger given by Marc Hardwick from The Guardian, and have worked with him whilst he has discussed and mentored the children on these topics.

In my opinion, Marc is totally professional and has a deep understanding of his profession and a high level of empathy with the individuals he is advising, both children and adults.

I have no hesitation in recommending Marc and his team, as a consultant to interested parties.

Carol Borodinsky, Icare Volunteer 27/06/2017

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Letter of Thanks for presentation

Dear Marc

Thank you so much for coming to our school to present your talk to our Grade 6 and 7 learners on “Bullying and the Dangers of Social Networking”. All types of bullying seem to be on the increase in our schools, and since reading their reflections on your presentation, I am certain that they will think twice before they inflict this upon their peers.

For many of our girls, your talk was the highlight of their day as the information and consequences you shared was unknown to them.

We look forward to more presentations in future.

Kind regards,

Chantelle Jonathan Principal, Gordon Road Girls' School 04/09/2017

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Letter of recommendation regarding the Clearance process from Grace College

I want to thank your company for being so efficient , I  have recommended you to a lot of institutions , it was an effortless and worthy exercise .

Thank  you All

Kind Regards

Caryn Crookes, Grace College 29/09/2017

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Feedback from Schools

Thank you for such a painless process; Nicky was so efficient and it all went very quickly and smoothly.

Laurie Parr Centre Head Parkhurst - Montessori Centre South Africa 23/11/2017

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Letter of thanks from Hilton Montessori for training / children’s workshop

Mark was fantastic with all the age groups. They responded very well to the sessions. I always gauge what has been absorbed when the child takes home the exact lesson and details, learnt  from the session. This was definitely the case from all 3 different groups.

My staff found the sessions very informative especially the Dangers of Social networking. This hit home hard for our teenage group too.

It was a great guide for my staff, to see the approach and platform ,on which we can now build the children’s life skills and life lessons.

Thank you once again.


Gill Holder, Hilton Montessori 27/05/2018

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Testimonial from Michaelhouse

This letter serves to confirm that Michaelhouse are using The Guardian’s Anonymous Reporting App.

We started with a trial of small group of students in December 2018 just before Christmas holidays, and the response was amazing. Within a few days, we started receiving reports from boys and The Guardian Management System allowed us to engage with these learners on their challenges. The app allowed us to resolve them quite quickly without ever knowing their identity.

We were also very impressed with the guidance and assistance we received from the staff at The Guardian, especially Roxy, who contacted us regularly and was a great comfort during this roll-out process. We have subsequently rolled this app out to the entire student body and it has been very well received. It has been encouraging to see how the boys have chosen to send through challenges that they and friends may be experiencing, and we have definitely got a better insight in what is happening with the boys on campus.

I would like to sincerely thank Roxy and her team for this amazing solution and highly recommend it to any school that is considering this as an option, as getting to know what the learners are thinking is very beneficial to running a happy and content school.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to call me through the school line.

AR Laing Deputy Rector (Pupils) The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App 05/06/2019

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