Social distancing is going to dictate that only around 15 learners will be allowed into one classroom – this means that there is going to be a need for more teachers. The Department of Education has already said that there is a need for more teachers, and they have also made it clear that only teachers with a SACE registration will be considered for employment.

SACE is not an Essential Service and as such, their offices are not yet open. As the leading child safeguarding company in South Africa, The Guardian has assisted thousands of teachers with becoming SACE Registered over the years, and we are able to assist with this online.

Over the past week, we have been incredibly busy ensuring that teachers around the country are SACE Registered, and we would really like to assist you; whether you are teacher (applying in your personal capacity) or a school looking at registering your teachers.

In summary:

  1. The Department of Education has opened up additional teaching posts to create more classes to ensure kids are correctly distanced.
  2. Only teachers who are registered with SACE will be considered.


Is SACE Open to the Public yet?

No, however, as the specialists in this space, we are able to obtain your Certificates and Letters from SACE electronically.

How Long does it Take?

Currently it takes 3-5 working days from the day we receive your documents, provided that you have supplied the correct information and documentation pertaining to your specific registration.

How does The Guardian help?

  1. We will ensure you have the correct SACE form for your application, as well as a list of supporting documents you will need to attach to your application.
  2. We will check all your documents for you before submitting your application to SACE.
  3. We will submit the application for you and settle the registration fees with SACE directly on your behalf.
  4. We will then obtain your Certificate or letter (electronically for now).

What about the Police Clearance that I need to attach to the application?

We can assist you with this as well, and only need 5-7 minutes of your time. Your results will be received within 24-48 hours, and we will attach this clearance to the application for you.

What does it cost?

Costs vary depending on what type of application you require.


The Guardian can assist with all SACE Registrations. Email to get started or call us on 031 001 0101.

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