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VARA is a Digital Whistle-blowing App – Available on all smart phones.

    • Real-time reporting, 100% anonymity ensured.
    • Panic Button available for Health & Safety requirements.
    • Push Notifications for instant communication to all staff.

Features of the App

Anonymous Reporting App

Company employees use the App to report any type of misconduct or personal challenge through VARA, except the report goes directly to the person/persons who would deal with the report. The identity of the employee is protected, and the identity of both the employee and company-designated persons remain 100% anonymous. Evidence can be included in a report in the form of a screenshot, a photo, an audio clip, video, or any other type of file.

Panic Button

An Emergency Panic Button is available for all VARA users. The user sets up three contacts, to whom they believe their panic information should be sent. When pressed, all three contacts receive their Panic Alert. This alert immediately opens a URL (webpage) which is dedicated to their panic alert. This URL is emailed and SMS’d immediately to the three contacts and every 10 seconds details are transmitted and updated to this URL. The information which is sent and updated every 10 seconds includes: a geo-location pin on a map, the last 10 seconds of audio picked up by the phone and a picture from the front and rear-facing cameras.

Push Notifications

Business Owners and/or their communication channels (Public Relations, Corporate Affairs or Human Resources) can send messages to all employees instantly via VARA’s Push Notification feature. This communication can include notices, memos, news and updates from the company. Anonymous surveys can also be conducted through voting or questionnaires with employees.

How it works in 5 Steps

Download the App – available on the Google Play and Apple Stores.

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Sign up and select your company.

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Send an anonymous report – evidence can be included

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All information sent and received between reporter and company is 100% anonymous.

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Follow up and track reports in real time, no delay.

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To learn a little more about VARA and all it has to offer watch this overview video or download the PDF overview for more details.


VARA allows all employees the ability to report on any misconduct or personal challenges (like bullying and/or harassment etc.). Businesses gain a unique tool with the ability to investigate any allegation, without incurring long delays or exorbitant costs. Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.



The Companies Act requires businesses to have a whistle-blowing solution available for their employees. Failing to implement a whistle-blowing solution could lead to prosecution, which carries a fine of up to R1 000 000, or 10% of annual turnover, or imprisonment, or both fine and imprisonment.



Employees are often reluctant to utilise whistleblowing facilities for fear of victimisation or reprisal. It can be challenging to convince employees that there will be no negative repercussions from raising issues anonymously. VARA solves this – it is totally anonymous.


Immediately reporting of misconduct like theft, fraud or pilferage can save a business millions. The VARA app allows employees to submit evidence as the transgression is taking place, in real-time, allowing management to act quicker as there is no call centre agent slowing down the process. A report on the VARA app can include evidence such as pictures, videos, audio, or documents. This evidence is saved in the Management portal of the app and can be used in an internal audit, disciplinary and/or criminal matters.



Ensuring all staff adhere to Occupational Health and Safety policies and legislation is a basic principle of operating a business. Transgressions deviations from standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and safety violations can be captured by VARA and eliminates hearsay when applying corrective measures.


The Government has implemented various alert levels post-lockdown, and with that, promulgated regulations for compliance. Businesses failing to adhere to these regulations risk being censured in terms of the provisions of OHSACT and The Disaster Management Act. VARA enables employees to report colleagues or the company for not adhering to the guidelines, anonymously, enabling corrective action to be taken timeously.

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